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Our offering

We want to help companies to automate their business processes, including Invoicing and Account Statements etc, using the leading OpenText StreamServe Customer Communication platform, enhanced with our customized software and deep knowledge; so they can focus on their core business, sales and marketing, and get their business documents available in time, with the right content, to the right recipient.

We help our customers to:

  • Design, produce and distribute business documents like invoices and order acknowledgements

  • Archive the documents and have them available
  • Analyze financial and other business information
  • Integrate the information with internal systems and external parties

  • Communicate and make available this information on intranets etc.


We use a product portfolio containing the OpenText StreamServe/CCE platform for production, integration and distribution of documents, as well as our software and system solutions to tie the information flow into a unity.

Also see our Facebook community and our YouTube channel about OpenText StreamServe and Communication Center Enterprise: